AMLBot Team Attends EU Crypto Regulation Round Table

AMLBot Team Attends EU Crypto Regulation Round Table


With the application of the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) on the horizon, the atmosphere within the crypto industry is rife with anticipation.

This significant development has spurred far-reaching discussions among law firms, blockchain entities, and regulators, all eager to fully grasp the implications of this new legislation.

At AMLBot, as a distinguished compliance services provider in the crypto industry, we recently found ourselves at the heart of these discussions, providing insights on the potential impact of MiCA on the crypto landscape.

AMLBot Invited to a Round Table Discussion in Cyprus

Recently, our expertise was recognized by one of the largest law firms in Cyprus, Chrysses Demetriades & Co, leading to an invitation to participate in a round table discussion focused on crypto regulation in the EU.

This event was particularly significant as MiCA was published today in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

During this discussion, we presented an overview of the current state of crypto laws and elaborated on how the introduction of MiCA could transform the crypto industry. This opportunity allowed us to demonstrate our in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape and our readiness to adapt to changing circumstances.

In addition to the MiCA discussion, the round table also delved into the topic of sanction evasion and the role of blockchain analytics in its prevention.

As a key player in crypto compliance, we contributed significantly to this conversation. Our sophisticated analytics tools are designed to identify and track illegal activities, making them a powerful asset in combating sanction evasion.

Closing Remarks

Our participation in the round table discussion in Cyprus underscores AMLBot’s growing influence and recognition within the crypto compliance sector.

As the EU moves closer to implementing MiCA, our expertise and insights will continue to be crucial in guiding the industry through the evolving regulatory landscape.

Our commitment to enhancing transparency and security in the crypto industry is perfectly aligned with the goals of MiCA, reinforcing our position as a key partner in the journey towards safer and more regulated crypto markets.