How to Get Rid of the Bad Reputation of a Project?

How to Get Rid of the Bad Reputation of a Project?


Many projects appear every day in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. And most of them often run token sales - a very popular way for attracting investments. The company arranges a public sale of its tokens - different people invest in the project. Of course, the funds raised are not idle, as they are used for product development, payment of shares to investors, investments etc. But what if the project uses the attracted assets and grows, but at some point, it turns out that the funds used by the project are dirty?

The project is immediately considered a scam and accused of all possible sins. All marketing efforts to build a community, gain popularity, build a strategy simply become useless, because the project's reputation is irretrievably damaged, an atmosphere of chaos reigns around the project, and it is not clear how to deal with it.

And the reason for all the troubles can be one unscrupulous investor who did not follow his crypto-hygiene and invested maybe very small, but “dirty” money in the project, ruining the reputation of the startup’s address history and all its assets.

There may be several solutions, but the AMLBot team prepared a ready-made solution for this case as well, because we also had such cases and clients.

The Solution

In this case there can be two solutions - preventing trouble and resolving problems.

Let's start with the most correct approach - prevention. Many projects approach AMLBot for partnership even before they start their active work. By accessing the AMLBot analytics systems, any project gets the opportunity to check all incoming transactions. In partnership the project integrates the API into its platform and everyone who wants to participate in the life of the project, earn money or pursue any other goals by investing in a startup and participating in tokensales is checked for the origin and purity of assets even before the transfer of funds. Thus, any startup works in crystal clearness and peace of mind for its assets, knowing that all investors invest only pure funds in the project. You can develop and not be afraid of blocking, bad reputation, scam clichés and other troubles.

AMLBot also has a solution for those who have not taken care of their assets and reputation in advance. We were approached by a project with the above problem. We have a separate service specially designed for such cases.

We conducted a detailed investigation, revealed a “dirty” address and the entire chain of connections of this address with other wallet addresses. With a full report on the origin of dirty funds in the accounts and addresses of the company, the startup was able to build further work to restore its reputation. All evidence was presented to the public, the funds were returned to the investor, which made it possible to calm the audience and start a large PR campaign to restore the reputation. After all the work to detect and exclude dirty funds was completed, the startup acquired a large number of checks. Having received a certificate from AMLBot, indicating the purity and legality of all funds, as well as the fact that all assets are checked for origin, the startup was able to continue its work without fear for reputation, assets and audience. Such a move met with a big wave of approval among its audience, also setting a precedent that gained popularity in the media, which allowed it to reach an even larger audience and new investors.

The Conclusion

Our team is currently collaborating with a very large number of projects and services from various fields of activity. Contact us with any questions and we will definitely find a solution to the problem specifically for your request. Over the course of the last 5 years of work, we have worked out a variety of cases and tasks, so we can definitely provide you with a ready-made and time-tested solution for your task.