Partnership to Bridge Security and Compliance

Partnership to Bridge Security and Compliance

AMLBot and Nefture are pleased to announce a new partnership aimed at addressing the security and compliance needs of Web3 companies and crypto asset managers.

Nefture, specializing in blockchain security, offers a multilayered approach to on-chain security. Their services include protection against crypto threats, exploits, hacks, scams, and financial risks for crypto asset managers. Nefture’s solutions cover due diligence investigations, real-time transaction security, and threat monitoring to safeguard assets at each step.

AMLBot provides a reliable compliance solution for crypto businesses, streamlining AML/KYC processes to help reduce compliance costs. With experience in guiding clients through VASP registration and AML regulations, AMLBot offers tools such as AMLBot Pro to support compliance teams and law enforcement.

Through this partnership, our clients can benefit from comprehensive protection against fraud, financial, and security risks throughout their crypto activities.

We look forward to working together to create a secure environment for Web3.

About Nefture

Web3 real-time security and risk prevention platform that detects on-chain vulnerabilities and protects digital assets, protocols and asset managers from significant losses or threats.

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About AMLBot

The full-fledged crypto compliance solution that protects businesses and users from malicious assets and actors.

Our goal is to create an honest and transparent crypto market, and a set of tools available to everyone, that help protect reputation and assets.

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